Metrelus is empowering organizations with an instant and accurate means to detect the effects of recreational drug use in the body.  We are devoted to researching and developing technology to automate and increase the level of confidence that officers need to make an arrest, and for employers to promote a safe working environment.

Oregon DUI Statistics

1 %

Only 1 in 10 DUI arrests involve a substance other than alcohol.

1 %

Of all DUI fatalities involve a substance other than alcohol.

We believe optolyzers are the future of sobriety assessment.

Instead of looking for drugs, we’re looking for impairment. The eyes provide signs of drug use that can’t be compensated for by weight, age, or drug tolerance.

High Speed Cameras

Our optolyzer uses cutting edge optics and high speed cameras to capture the eye under duress.

Instant Results

We provide insobriety metrics in real time that can be easily accessed anywhere from our built in cloud services.

AI modeling

Our proprietary solving techniques use AI modeling to determine the drug classification and the subject’s relative impairment to that of a 0.08 BAC.

drug agnostic

Using current law enforcement techniques, we can examine key indicators in the eye to determine insobriety no matter the type of drug a person is under the influence of.

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I’m excited to hear of the efforts being made to make the apprehension of impaired drivers not only safer but technologically more advanced. This will enable us to decrease time on the roadside which also decreases the chances of physical escalation between the arrestee and the officer.

Trooper Steve Jackson

Washington State Patrol, SWAT